February 23, 2007

4pm Tea&Me Update

I have a gig! What joy! What a week! What, a paycheck?

I am working as a web producer - learning new stuff, working with a great team - and just as they're towing the baby website to the launch pad. Very cool. Indeed.

And this is a place I've worked at before, quite a bit. This is the place that has the deli downstairs - where Nancy threw on the tea kettle for me in the afternoon so it would be dancing water, not just warm water.

So I went down for tea. It was delightful. The whole gang was there. Nancy came out from behind the counter to hug me. Complained that I was getting taller. I told her no, I'd had my hair cut, which was true. Cut right off. Buzzed. But it was like being a prodigal daughter and going home. It was great.

Until I went for the tea. If you remember, back in October, I went on (and on) about the virtues of tea (my way) a little while ago. And one virtue is boiling water. It must be boiling, bubbling, dancing, merry.

I looked at the counter today...no dancing water... they'd "progressed"...it was canned...boxed...trapped in a steal, not-so-boiling container with a red lever thingy...which can mean only one thing: it's hot...not boiling.

Time to bring in my own kettle. Damn.


Anonymous said...

Out in Eastern Canada, Newfoundland to be exact, many people enjoy their "boiled tea". This involves having a kettle that goes on the burner with the tea bag in it. My step father can only REALLY enjoy his tea in this fashion.

Nicola said...

I'd certainly try it...

But have you had it reheated? Reboiled? Revived with the shock of a burner set to high? That's my line.

Love to the Rock...