April 12, 2009


Annie added to the natural partners, perfect pairings, fred and ginger list:

potatoes and vinegar

and another from a family friend: peanut butter and onion - red onion apparently...anyone? anyone?

And I thought of another two during my run home - no coincidence...pizza with pineapple, and french fries and mayo...

April 06, 2009

Perfect Partners

And another thing - that's Fred and Gingery:
Roast beef and horseradish

And another while we're on the roast thing:
Roasted potatoes with rosemary

And the poetry:
Strawberries with thick, whipped cream

April 03, 2009

fred and ginger

Today Toronto is soggy. Most rain in one day for the last 60 years. Which of course is the day I took off to burn some overtime. Which means the bathroom got cleaned, the laundry got done, the kitchen counters were finally cleared, and the cats got more attention...and snacks.

I had a quick lunch, pickies...a carrot or two, a boiled egg, some cheese, some little grape tomatoes, some spring onion...and as I munched I noticed just how good some things are together. Like some couples...not others...but some.

So I thought I'd think of some food pairings that are as natural as Fred and Ginger. Now my list is certainly geocentric, so I'd love you guys to add some too...especially some you'd never think of...

1) old cheddar cheese and spring onion
2) spring onion and hard boiled eggs
3) egg salad and dill pickles
4) dill pickles and smoked meat sandwiches
5) tomatoes and basil
6) fresh figs and blue cheese
7) cookies and cold, cold milk
8) fries and mayo
9) smoked salmon and creamed cheese
10) garlic and anything (that's for jo)

pics from
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rain