October 30, 2006

Will this hedonism ever stop?

I've been invited by dear Annie to indulge in the fantasy of what I'd serve for dinner to other food bloggers.

I'm a little nervous that these things don't take longer to think up. I just sat down and came up with a dinner I'd love...in minutes...of course, it's lunchtime and I'm in the midst of a moral battle between the need for a run and my need for a ham and cheese croissant or fries or ice cream...or all three...anyway...back to self absorption...mine of course.

Apologies to any vegetarians at the table.

This dinner would go most of the night you realize. I love those long, slow dinners with a few courses...and lots of time to go down with the wine and talk. If anyone plays piano or guitar I'd be thrilled. And as food bloggers getting together for the first time, I wonder if we'd have anything to say to each other.

Once you've arrived in my home, I'd greet you with a flute of cold Prosecco to make this all go down a little smoother. (I'd also love you to be met with the smell of a wood burning fireplace...but I don't have one - I did wish before I moved in here that I would have one, and when I got here was thrilled to see one - but it was blocked years ago...which proves the saying, be careful what you wish for...or at least be very precise.)

So over on the side table is a bowl of wood-smoked olives (the first time I had these was at a restaurant in Vancouver - we were sitting at the bar waiting for our table, having martinis I think and the bartender put these in front of Lauren and I)...I love the slightly roasted, smoky flavour and their warmth. It does what it's supposed to: gets you going.

But I'd also put out for your consumption a dish of my mussels cooked in the garlic, white wine sauce with melted stilton dripping into the sauce underneath.

Homemade bread for dipping or to have with my onion confit or my tapenade.

I'd make Crab cakes with mango relish (that is so simple it's crazy: chopped mango, jalapeno pepper, red pepper, red onion, and the juice of one lime - and then devour it with anything you'd like to eat from meat, to fish, to certain cheeses)

Moving on...to the table itself...

Linguine with smoked salmon, dill and a gentle lemon cream sauce
Green salad with vinaigrette
Balsamic Lamb on a bed of roasted potatoes served with steamed green beans tossed in butter and a bit of tarragon (a little goes a long way)
The not-so-pedestrian Roasted chicken with Steve's rub with cranberry relish and roasted potato salad
Fresh blackberries, raspberries and strawberries (at their peak and local - ha, ha, ha) on a gentle lemon cake with whipped cream (just slightly flavoured with lemon zest)
Chocolate brownies with the best of vanilla ice cream
A shot of world famous Ontario ice wine
The best of coffee
The best of tea
By then, I'd hope we'd be the best of friends...Bon Appétit...
Going to get my running gear on to pay for this hedonism...


Julie said...

Wow, what a spectacular meal!

The mussels sound divine (I remember them from your five foods to try before you die post -- you've got to post the recipe for them one of these days!)and crab cakes with mango relish sounds insanely good, as does everything else.

Your guests would be the picture of contentment after a meal like that.

AnnieKNodes said...

My mouth is watering! Those berries with a lemon cake? Killer.

When should we come by?

Nicola said...

You know you're both invited. Anytime.