October 13, 2006

PST Local Time

I wrote in my last post that Mark and Lauren were among my favourite home cooks. Well with months of hard work behind them (they own a boutique special effects studio - www.fusioncis.com - and have just finished the art and marketing that was part of The Guardian) they collapsed at home for a low-key Thanksgiving feast for two.

Which is great. So here's what they cooked on their low-key, do-nothing, laid-back holiday:
"Managed to groggily plod to Granville Island, buy a wee salmon and stuff it full of oysters and shallots and garlic and sauterne. Then we flopped it on a cedar plank and barbequed. That was our bright spot. We ate it with a lovely gew├╝rztraminer (Laughing Stock, made here in BC by former stock brokers)."

Well. Now that's bon appetizing.

Salmon Totem III from http://www.northwest-art.com/NorthwestArt/WebPages/SalmonTotemIIIPage.htm

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