August 15, 2007

fries don't have calories if you eat them with mussels and family in Paris

July in Paris.
It meant rain and sun, moules et frites, baguettes et croissants, cafe creme et wine in small jugs.

I was with my aunt, uncle and my Mum. And you know the expression - an army travels on its stomach? I come by it honestly. Here my aunt muscles a mussel.

This was moments before the clouds rolled in and trapped us under the awnings in Place du Tetre, near Sacre Coeur

And this is how much my Mum hates thunderstorms, especially outside, under a tent, on the highest point in Paris.

Look at how they display their local produce - they're just so French. This was at a supermarket in Normandy, on our way back to England.


Deborah Dowd said...

What fabulous pictures- food as art!

AnnieKNodes said...

Wowie! That looks absolutely gorgeous. Only in Paris would food look so fashionable.

Great pics!