December 15, 2006

Love & Hope

The ride from 2006 to 2007

I love that I conquered my fear of risotto.
I love that I pickled beets for the first time.
I love that I now make my own chicken stock.
I love that we tried to make pretzels.
I love the smell of onions cooking.
I love that I feed people who are lovely to love.

I love that I have a bigger family now.
I love that I love Steve -
and his spice rub and his rib sauce and his cookies.

I love that he's fearless in the kitchen.

I love that I blog.
I love its freedom.
I love that I found what I love.
I love sharing my life and its accumulation of stories.
I love that through blogging I also found MFK Fisher, Ruth Reichl’s books, Julia Child, Calvin Trillin and have so many more to explore.
I love that through blogging I’ve “met”
Julie at Kitchenography and Annie at A Good American Wife.
I love that this is such a talented community of strangers linked by a not-so-strange, magnetic passion.
I love the inspiring people -
Matt, Kate, Meg, Molly, Shauna that keep me striving.
I love when people write to say I’ve touched the centre of why they cook too.

I hope to get better.
I hope to figure out this photography thing.
I hope to figure out the website design thing.
I hope to try ever more interesting things for the home kitchen – and stay well away from restaurant aspirations.
I hope I keep conquering stuff I fear in the kitchen, and out.
I hope to keep finding a voice here.
I hope to keep appreciating what I have.

I have everything I need…
As Shauna wrote:

I send all of you wishes for Love and Hope for the holidays and for 2007. Yes.


Shauna said...

I'm so happy to be part of this.

Yes is the way.

Julie said...

And I'm very happy to have met you through blogging! Wonderful list of what you've gained and what you hope to gain through blogging. I can say ditto to a great many things on your list.