September 04, 2006

Back to School

The part about September that I like so much is that it feels like a new beginning.

I think Labour Day should be a kind of New Year's Eve. It's a time for new starts.

I was one of those geeks who actually got excited about the first day of school.

It was the only time I actually planned and laid out my clothes the night before. I remember my new desk, brand new exercise books, textbooks that didn't have swear words inked on the page edges yet (back in the days when you didn't have to share), a fresh supply of pens, virgin erasers, and getting to smell newly-sharpened pencils as I lifted the desk lid (really aging myself).

For a few minutes it was as neat as the instruments on a surgical tray. Of course it never lasted long.

As much as I got along well in school, the only remarks I remember on my very respectable report card, was that "she could be neater".

Details, details... Perfection is elusive.

Steve's sister Barb did this painting of an apple. It's not a photo. I'm not kidding.

Barb starts back at school herself tomorrow - a classical artist with natural talent who has never stopped training herself throughout her life. She pays the rent with animation jobs mostly, and now is adding more digital skills to her repertoire. It's not just talent, it's hard work. Striving for more, for perfection. It's a difficult, painful way to happiness...but what beauty we get to see along the way...

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