December 16, 2013

On Holding a Knife

The number one thing that will make you a better cook is learning how to hold your knife properly.

Seems simple. But there's a lot about life that is deceptively well as a lot about life that seems overly complex.

But slicing through something can be easy. You just need the courage of your convictions. Remember?

And I found just holding the knife properly makes you feel more courageous. I spent most of my chopping life working my way through various hand holding these two, classic mistakes.



The key is your index finger and your thumb have to touch the blade. You put your index finger along the ridge where the blade meets the handle.

Close your thumb along the other side of the same ridge. So now you're basically pinching the blade at the heel (where it meets the handle).

Cup your three remaining fingers under the handle. VoilĂ . That's all there is to it. Centuries of chefs evolved knife skills for you. Now just slide your knife forward through your food. Rock on the front edge of the blade and come forward again. Boom.